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Icelandic lambskins and sheepskins for decoration and garments.

Genuine sheepskin products

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Meet ANET Tannery, Poland

ANET is world’s biggest tannery producing ICELANDIC lambskins and sheepskins for decoration and garments.
We also specialize in English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Dutch DECO sheepskins. We tan ca. 400.000 sheepskins annually.

ANET, founded in 1988, is also a leading producer of cosy rugs, carpets, cushions, chairs pads, poufs, etc.
We can fulfill any individual order thanks to our great production capacity and professional staff.

Icelandic Sheep

A heritage breed that has, like most creatures in Iceland, evolved in relative isolation since Viking times, the hearty Icelandic sheep
is well-suited to withstanding the country’s harsh weather conditions, as well as being notably headstrong and stubborn
when it wants to be, which is often. Sheep in Iceland spend the spring and summer roaming the country’s lush hills and valleys
unfettered—the better to nose out all of the delicious fresh herbs and grasses that give Icelandic lamb its unique flavour — but come
fall, each and every one of these vagabond critters must be sought out, herded together, sorted among local farms, and brought in
for the winter. The annual sheep round-up, or réttir, starts in September and can run through early October.

Depending on the size of the holding and the number of sheep being chased down, it can take a farm one to seven days to
complete its round-up, which is why family, friends, and sometimes even novice guests are invited to join the réttir.
And although it’s definitely hard work, camaraderie rules the day: most round-ups end with a festive réttaball, or round-up party, with singing,
dancing, Icelandic schnapps, and, of course, plenty of lamb.

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