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Health benefits of lambskin products:

  • anti-allergic
  • prevent the formation of rheumatic diseases
  • lanolin contained in wool has healing effect on human skin
  • help to maintain constant body temperature
  • relieve pain : kidney, spine, head
  • do not create conditions for the development of mites
  • help with edema problems
  • improve blood circulation
  • and other

Lambskin products heat affected areas of skin thanks to which tension and pain is reduced.

tanned with Relugan GT50


III :  90-100 cm / 2’11”-3’3”
II : 100-110 cm / 3’3”-3’7”
I :  110-120 cm / 3’7”-3’11”

Wool Lenght: 3cm
Very dense wool

Lambskins’ wool has long been recognized as great material – ecological and natural – thanks to its excellent properties : Thermoregulation: wool allows to maintain constant body temperature Ventilation: wool is breathable and prevents overheating of the body during sleep Hygroscopicity: absorbs ca. 40% moisture, which is easy to get rid of during the airing, effectively absorbs sweat Incombustibility: in contact with fire wool does not spread it, only fibers are carbonized Neutralization of positive ions: wool effectively eliminates the positive ionization (caused by artificial fibers and products), replacing it with a negative, natural to the human body. In this way we feel rested, avoid muscle pain, lowered immunity and excessive hyperactivity Lanolin: (wool fiber coating) hinders the growth of bacteria and dust mites, protects against dirt, pollution stays on wool surface which makes cleaning easy.


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